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Tuesday, 14 September 2021

Xiaomi takes on Facebook, Ray-Ban and Snap with its own Smart Glasses

Hot on the heels of Facebook and Ray-Ban, Xiaomi has announced its own pair of smart glasses.

Called, cunningly, Xiaomi Smart Glasses, they are similar to the Facebook x Ray-Ban models and Snap Specatacles in that they contain a camera in the frame (one in this case). However, they also sport a heads-up display in one of the lenses to offer a Google Glass-style augmented reality experience.

The pair use MicroLED optical wavelength technology to enable a user to see messages and notifications, make calls, navigate the streets, capture photos and even translate text in real-time.

A self-illuminating MicroLED chip housed in the frame creates a display that's roughliy the same size as a "a grain of rice". Each pixel generated is just 4μm in size. The image is then projected using wavelength technology to the eye via the right-hand lens on the glasses.

Apart from style, the Xiaomi Smart Glasses differ from former AR spectacles in that everything is on board - you do not need to connect them to a smartphone for functionality. They run on an independent operating system, contain a quad-core ARM processor, and utilise their own "communication modules" for data and voice connectivity. And this is all in a pair of glasses that only weigh 51g.

The only things that Xiaomi is yet to share is pricing or availability. They seem to be conceptual for now. We'll update when plans are extended beyond that.

Source : https://www.pocket-lint.com/ar-vr/news/xiaomi/158356-xiaomi-takes-on-facebook-ray-ban-and-snap-with-its-own-smart-glasses

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