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Friday, 24 September 2021

Sony 4K and 8K HDR TV choices for 2021: A90J, X95J, Z9J and more compared

Sony has been synonymous with television hardware for as long as we can remember and is often at the forefront of new technologies. That includes 8K, OLED and, what it terms, Full Array LED TVs.

We're looking at its current line-up to help you choose between them. And, while we're not covering all available Sony TVs here - just its highlights - this list should help you choose your next set if you want to go Sony.

Here then are the Sony TVs you should consider in 2021.

What to look for in a new TV

One of the first considerations when buying a new TV is size. How big do you want your TV and how big a TV can you fit in your room? Sony has TVs across a range of sizes, but often has models that only focus on one sizae range - that might be big, like the Z9J or small, like the A9, it's 2020 48-inch OLED. 

Sony has made the move into 8K for those larger sizes, but with native 8K content being rare, most of what you're watching is upscaled. Fortunatley, Sony also offers a full range of 4K TVs, both OLED and LED. It applies the Master Series name to its best TVs, those which are calibrated at the factory to ensure you're getting the best picture quality out of them - and some of the results are stunning from these TVs.

Sony's OLED come in a range of positions, but it also offers what it calls Full Array LED TVs. These are fully backlit, so offer better performance than some cheaper LED TVs on the market.

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