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Wednesday, 29 September 2021

Google Lens is coming to the Chrome browser on desktop

Google is making it easier for you to use Lens on all your devices.

As part of a slate of updates announced on 29 September 2021, Google revealed that Lens will be available for Chrome on the desktop in the "coming months". The search giant tweeted a GIF showing how Lens will work in the desktop browser. You'll be able to rick-click on a website, then select search with Lens and highlight a portion of a page, and then you will get relevant results. This could be super handy if you want to identify a specific product, animal, or place.

Inspiration can strike at any time. Soon you'll be able to use #GoogleLens to instantly search for products within images while browsing on the Google app on iPhone. And psst… Lens is coming to Chrome on desktop too  #SearchOn

â€" Google (@Google) September 29, 2021

Google Lens is an AI-powered technology that uses deep machine learning to not only detect an object in an image, but understand it and offer actions such as scanning, translation, shopping, and more. Lens was one of Google's biggest announcements in 2017, and a Pixel exclusive feature when that phone launched. But now, Google Lens has come to the majority of Android devices - if you don't have it, then the app is available to download on Play Store.

Speaking of phones, Google has also announced Lens is getting an update on mobile devices. Starting sometime next year, you will be able to ask a question after taking a photo. Say, you need a part to fix your car. You can then get results even if you don't know what you need. 

For more about Google Lens and how it works, see Pocket-lint's guide here. 

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