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Thursday, 30 September 2021

Swann's Xtreem all-wireless security camera takes home security to the next level

Not too long ago, effective, all-inclusive, wireless home security was considered a luxury for the ultra-rich. Well, Swann Security clearly believes peace of mind should be accessible to everyone. The company has been making high-tech security cameras for years, catering to a wide range of budget options, but they had largely steered clear of wireless security cameras… until now.

Swann Security is really shaking things up with their latest flagship product, the Xtreem all-wireless security camera. This is already a pretty competitive field, but Xtreem is making waves because of a couple of unique and essential features. And, like most Swann products, it's reasonable enough that you don't have to break the bank for some peace of mind.

Below, we highlight reasons to consider upgrading to a Swann Xtreem all-wireless security cam.

Swann is an established and reliable smart security company with a stellar track record

Swann is one of the world's most reliable smart security companies. They're an established, well-renowned company with a broad lineup of smart security cameras. While they've only now stepped into the field of wireless security cameras, their product is several notches above other competitors. Beyond being a stellar security camera, Xtreem also packs several other security features, such as a proprietary heat and motion-sensing technology called 'Tru-Detect.' This feature allows the camera to identify potential intruders without false alarms triggered by pets and inanimate objects. Swann Xtreem also has stellar reviews from other customers, who unanimously praise it for its slender design and reliability.

Swann Xtreem has stellar image quality with a wide viewing angle and infra-red night vision

All security cameras should capture stellar, high-quality visuals. They must have a high resolution to capture facial details and number plates without pixelation, a wide viewing angle to capture more of the environment and minimize blind spots, and powerful night vision capabilities. Swann Xtreem meets and exceeds all of those requirements. It has a full HD, 1080p camera that can easily identify the smallest of details on faces and clothes without pixelation. It has an ultra-wide 110º viewing angle, which gives you an almost panoramic view of the surrounding without blind spots. And its infra-red night vision can capture up to 8 meters of visuals with the utmost clarity.

Swann Xtreem is wireless - no hubs or power source required

Most wireless security cameras are 'wireless' in a very loose sense. They might work on batteries, but they might need to be connected to a separate hub, which, in turn, would be connected to the power source, defeating the whole concept of 'wireless.' Others have weak batteries that need to be charged or replaced every couple of hours, making them highly unreliable. But Swann Xtreem is wireless in the truest sense of the word. It has a powerful battery that can last for up to six months, so you can pretty much set it up and forget about it. Furthermore, it doesn't have to be connected to external hubs or routers.

Swann Xtreem has a powerful battery that lasts for six months

Most wireless security cameras have weak batteries that last for up to a week at a stretch. That means you can never truly forget about the security cam, and you constantly have to plug and charge it. In most households, people simply keep the wireless cameras connected to a power source at all times, so they don't have to worry about charging it constantly. Swann took its time releasing a wireless camera because it wanted to guarantee a truly wireless experience. And surely enough, Xtreem is powered by an inbuilt 13,200mAh Lithium battery that lasts for up to six months! You can simply keep it somewhere discreet and forget about it!

Plays well with other smart home products, including Google Home and Alexa

Swann Xtreem is a simple, minimalist smart security camera with extremely simple functionality and setup. You can easily stream the footage captured on the Xtreem on your phone or devices powered by Google Home or Alexa. When looking for wireless cameras, you must ensure they're compatible with Google Home and Alexa because that's how you ensure interactivity with other smart home products. Xtreem is highly compatible with other smart home devices, and you can also control it using your voice commands via Alexa or Google Home. This makes Xtreem convenient for everyone.

Swann Xtreem has many other essential features, including…

  • 2-way intercom to communicate with other guests, talk to pets or even deter intruders.
  • An IP56 rating guarantees its ability to withstand extreme weather conditions, such as snow, rain, sun, and more.
  • Free video recordings on the Xtreem memory card and a 1-day cloud backup.
  • The ability to increase the cloud backup to 60 days at an additional cost.

These features ensure that Swann Xtreem has all the essential features for regular homeowners on a budget, with the ability and flexibility to scale up when necessary.

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