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Ever since i started in programing i have been working on quite a few project but i never really gave up on seing one of them come to life, on this page you will find a list of projects i have developed since i was 17 years old age at which i acquired my first lap top computer. This page is about the history of me at work.

1) Personal Projects

2006 - 2010: Friendzine

A social networking site I started working on back in the days, when I was first learning PHP

2007 - 2015: Digimarket

A digital E-commerce site that I developed first from scratch but later evolved into a wordpress site

2009 - Still running:

A news website,  that I was a co-founder of, and that has ended up being the first and most visited website in the country

2011 - Still running :

A software development platform that is currently my main occupation, and is operated by company Programage ltd

2) Third Party (Clients) Projects

Many websites and software developed for third parties. 

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