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Wednesday, 29 September 2021

IMDb TV now available in UK through Amazon Prime Video, global rollout could follow

Amazon has launched its ad-supported, free TV streaming service, IMDb TV, in the UK.

It is available through the Prime Video app for mobile, smart TVs and set-top-boxes, and includes a stack of TV show programming, some streamed across "live channels", and a whole host of archive movies. Kill Bill volumes 1 and 2 are available, for example, as is Pulp Fiction.

TV series available include The A-Team, Dawson's Creek, and several IMDb TV originals, such as Top Class and Moment of Truth.

IMDb TV is easily discoverable through the Amazon Prime Video app, with its own section of the TV and Movies menus (under "Popular TV - Free with ads" and "Popular Movies - Free with ads"). Tere are plans for it to get its own Fire TV app too.

According to the service's co-head of content and programming, Lauren Anderson, it will differ slightly from the US version (as launched in 2019). It will feature more British and European content.

The other co-head, Ryan Pirozzi, claims it also offers an alternative to existing free streaming services in the country: "UK customers are used to free streaming, but a lot of the free streamers in the UK are really specialised or doing one thing, be it reality or scripted, he told The Hollywood Reporter.

"We're genre agnostic, scripted to unscripted, comedy to drama, hour to half-hour, and we hope that our broad breadth of selection separates us from other customer alternatives."

We're not entirely sure that you could call BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All4, My5 or UKTV Play specialised, but we're willing to give IMDb TV the benefit of the doubt. After all, it does offer all five seasons of Babylon 5.

Pirozzi also hints that the rollout could continue beyond the UK. He told the HR that as Amazon also started as 'just a US transactional service' it would be "logical that we would keep going".

That's no guarantee it'll hit other regions, but we'll keep you informed if and when it does.

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