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Tuesday, 28 September 2021

The awesome Blue VO!CE software is now available to more Yeti mic users

Blue VO!CE, the advanced studio-grade software for voice modulation and broadcast-quality voice enhancement is now available for free for more Yeti users. 

Logitech and Blue Microphones have announced that the advanced Blue VO!CE software can now be used with Yeti, Yeti Nano and Yeti X microphones. 

This software allows streamers and content creators to make on-the-fly adjustments to voice capture. This includes tweaks to noise reduction and reverb, adding various vocal effects like Classic Radio Voice or Crisp and Modern sound and transforming it entirely. 

Blue VO!CE is a great way to ensure you sound good when live streaming and adds similar controls to what you'd get with post-processing in order to sound the best you can. 

If you're a gamer who's already using a Logitech G keyboard, mouse or headset, you can also assign buttons within Logitech's G Hub software. Those buttons can then be used to play HD audio samples available in the Blue VO!CE software, as well as ones you've recorded yourself so you can really up your stream quality. 

Kristyn May, Product Manager, Logitech For Creators talked about the update:

"Whether you're starting out or looking to fully customise your audio, Blue VO!CE gives creators the ability to sound professional on stream and multiple ways to entertain their audiences."

If you're using a Yeti, Yeti Nano or Yeti X then head over to the Blue website to download the software for your PC or Mac.

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