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Tuesday, 28 September 2021

Technics expands its true wireless EAH line with sub £200 AZ60 and AZ40 models

Technics has just announced two new pairs of true wireless earbuds to expand its existing EAH line, and both models will be under £200/$200 when they hit the market in October. 

Panasonic's popular audio brand hasn't, however, opted to go with a more catchy name than existing earphones. That means we have the EAH-AZ60 and EAH-AZ40. 

As you may have deduced from the numbers, the AZ60 is the more premium pair and sits slightly below the AZ70W. Technics says the combination of its acoustic chamber design plus 8mm drivers deliver a clear and rich sound, letting the bass notes breathe inside those chambers. 

What's more, Technics has equipped these buds with LDAC support, meaning you'll get wireless Hi-Res audio with fast response and lots of detail. 

The AZ60 also features a hybrid noise cancelling system that uses a set of mics to not only get rid of external noise, but also the noise inside the headphones, according to Technics. 

Apart from those two high-end features, the two different models share a lot of similarities. Both have IPX4 water resistance - for instance - which means they should survive splashes and rain. Just don't submerge them. 

They also both also use a similar voice detection to other buds which combines different mics externally to ensure your voice is picked up clearly, but external noise is cut during voice/video calls. 

Both also feature two different ambient awareness modes. One of those - called "Natural Ambient Mode" - lets you hear surrounding noise while listening to music. The second, "Attention Mode", is more attuned to the frequency of voices, so you can actually pay attention to what someone is saying without having to take out your earphones. 

Technics' new wireless earbuds will be available in October. The AZ60 will cost £199/$199 and come in silver and black, while the AZ40 will be £129/$129 and ship in silver, black and rose gold. 

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