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Tuesday, 28 September 2021

Super Nintendo World expanding with Donkey Kong zone

Nintendo's big theme park, Super Nintendo World, hasn't exactly had the easiest start to life, given continued travel restrictions and social distancing requirements that have been around for nearly its entire lifespan so far.

That doesn't seem to have dented the Japanese game-maker's enthusiasm for it, though, and it's doubling down on the concept with a major new area for the park - a Donkey Kong themed zone.

The new area will apparently include a fresh rollercoaster, and more immersive experiences for guests, alongside an expanded range of themed food and drink. It's planned to open in 2024, though, so it's still quite a long way off.

If the promotional image that Nintendo has released is reliable, as you can see above, it looks like the new zone might rival the main part of Super Nintendo World in size, so this is hardly a minor addition. Nintendo says it'll grow the size of the park by 70 percent, to back that up.

It'll also bring a different look and feel to the table, evoking the jungles that play host to so many of Donkey Kong's most iconic levels.

We're excited to see more of what the Donkey Kong area will offer up, but we wouldn't hold your breath - it'll likely be a good while yet before we get more concrete details.

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