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Tuesday, 28 September 2021

Xbox Insiders can begin testing Cloud Gaming on consoles, including the Xbox One

Microsoft today has finally begun the rollout of Xbox Cloud Gaming, formally known as xCloud, to Xbox consoles themselves. Formally, Cloud Gaming has been available on pretty much every device besides an Xbox, including everything from Android, Windows 11, and even somewhat controversially iOS via the portal of a web app. 

Now, however, bringing xCloud services directly to Xbox consoles, including last generation models such as the Xbox One line, means that to a certain extent, owners of a seven-plus-year-old console will be able to play the latest and greatest titles from the Series X released only last year. 

Of course, Xbox Cloud Gaming isn't designed to perfectly replicate the experience of gaming on a high-end console, as streaming capacity is capped at 1080P at 60 FPS. Still, for the more budget-conscious, it's an excellent feature to help you feel like you aren't left in the dust entirely. 

At the same time, the addition of Cloud Gaming means that users won't need to spend hours downloading a game just to realise they aren't actually interested in it. With xCloud, a gamer can jump right into the full experience the same way you'd queue up your favourite TV show episode on Netflix. 

Not all Xbox Insiders are able to access the trial. At the moment, Microsoft says a few lucky Alpha Skip-Ahead and Alpha Insiders will be selected at first, with more users added over time. 

To join Microsoft's Xbox Insider program, tap here. And if you'd like to learn more about Xbox Cloud Gaming, check out Pocket-lint's total recap, click right here. 

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