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Monday, 27 September 2021

ANNKE's NightChroma Lineup Brings Next Generation Home Security

Even the most advanced night vision security cameras struggle with three essential problems â€" the lack of color, an inability to catch details, and backscatter, i.e. near-camera reflection caused by dust particles and snowflakes. These persistent problems significantly reduce the night vision camera's applicability, especially for home security.

ANNKE, one of the world's leading manufacturers of smart security cameras and systems, brings the next generation of home security with the ANNKE NightChroma lineup, consisting of NC400, NCA500, NC800, NCK400 (NC400 + NVR) and NAK500 (NAK500 + DVR).

The ANNKE NightChroma lineup is one of the world's first and most innovative ACE true full-color night vision smart security cameras. It addresses all of the primary problems associated with typical night vision cameras â€" it captures the finest of details in full color and without interference from backscatter.

As such, the ANNKE NightChroma series can be incredibly useful for police departments and optimal home security. Below, we highlight the NightChroma lineup's most noteworthy features and how it achieves true full-color night vision, turning night into day.

Catch details like never before

The NightChroma lineup uses advanced image processing technologies powered by ultra-sensitive image sensors. The cameras can capture true full-color visuals with the utmost clarity in 0.001 lux to 0.0005 lux darkness with no ambient lighting. They also have built-in supplement light to capture true full color in 0 lux darkness. That means the NightChroma cameras can turn night into day in full color.

Most security cameras can only capture details when the object is close to the camera during the day, and they're usually incapable of capturing things at night. However, NightChroma's advanced image processing enables optimal clarity, and can capture in full color from a distance of 100ft to 130ft, making them ideal for the police department.

Capture 4x more lighting in low-light conditions with f/1.0 super aperture

ANNKE NightChroma is the only lineup of cameras with f/1.0 super aperture, currently the largest possible aperture in video surveillance. It can capture acme color night vision with 4x more lighting than a typical f/2.0 aperture, thus ensuring brighter images.

Capture colorful images in 0 lux darkness with 130ft warm supplemental light

Typical night vision cameras struggle with capturing images in 0 lux darkness, and most of them have considerable glare. The NightChroma cameras use up to 130ft of warm supplemental light, which turns on automatically in 0 lux conditions, to capture clear visuals without glare. You can also remove overexposure or underexposure to capture true 4K footage.

Bring automatic, accurate adjustments with active alignment technology

The NightChroma cameras are produced with a unique micro-size active alignment technique. This feature allows the camera to focus accurately, bringing the accuracy of visuals within 4 pixels, which is smaller than 1/30 hair diameter.

Highlight the background details with 1/1.2" advanced BSI sensor

The NightChroma NC800 is equipped with a 1/1.2" advanced BSI sensor, which is currently the best backside illumination sensor. This technology delivers ultra-crisp visuals in complete darkness by increasing 2x the amount of light-sensing areas. 

Detect possible intrusions with smart behavior analysis

The NightChroma cameras are equipped with numerous smart behavior analysis capabilities. You can modify and establish the parameters to get notified when an object crosses a virtual boundary, enters a specified region, or exits a region. You receive instant notifications about the object's behavior, empowering you to take action immediately.

Eliminate false alarms with optimal human and vehicle detection

Most smart night vision cameras struggle to distinguish between humans, vehicles, animals, and other inanimate objects. That leads to a large volume of unwanted motion alerts, which can be fairly distracting. However, the NightChroma NC800 is specifically designed to detect humans and vehicles, thereby cutting away unnecessary motion alerts and false alarms. All NightChroma cameras, meanwhile, support motion detection zones and motion sensitivity adjustment.

Detect voice from up to 20ft away without ambient noise 

The NightChroma cameras feature inbuilt noise-canceling microphones that automatically filter ambient sounds, picking voice up from over 20ft away. This enhances the camera's security coverage, allowing you to record and interpret voices from your neighborhood. The mute function can be used when audio surveillance isn't allowed, or you don't want to record audio.

Easily integrate with your home assistant

These cameras are also really simple to integrate into a smart home network - if you use an assistant or want to be able to control them using voice commands, for example. To find out more you can check out this handy guide. Using these methods, you can easily integrate the camera's motion sensor to enable all kinds of DIY home automations, like triggering outdoor lights or alarms when detecting any motion.

The specifications of all the NightChroma cameras

ANNKE NC400 2K PoE Outdoor Color Night Vision Security Camera


View on Amazon

  • 4MP High Resolution
  • Auto Day Night Light Switch
  • Free Motion app & email alerts
  • 121°Diagonal FOV for a wide surveillance coverage
  • IP67, â€" 22 °F â€" 140 °F
  • H.265/ H.265+ HEVC Compression
  • Power over ethernet
  • ONVIF, RTSP for home automation

ANNKE NCA500 5MP Outdoor Surveillance Camera


View on Amazon

  • 5MP High Resolution
  • 80.1°for a zoomed-in spot surveillance
  • 0.0005 lux sensitive sensor
  • Works with TVI, AHD, CVI & CVBS DVR
  • Free Motion Detection app & email alerts
  • IP67, â€" 40 °F â€" 140 °F
  • H.265/ H.265+ HEVC Compression

ANNKE NC800 4K Color Night Vision Security Camera


View on Amazon

  • 8MP High Resolution
  • 121°Diagonal FOV for a wide surveillance coverage
  • Human/Vehicle Detection with customized motion detection zones
  • Line crossing/ intrusion zone detection
  • Free Motion app & email alerts
  • Onboard 256GB SD card( Can work as a standalone camera)
  • IP67, â€" 22 °F â€" 140 °F
  • H.265/ H.265+ HEVC Compression
  • Power over ethernet
  • ONVIF, RTSP for Homeassistant Integration & Automation

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