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Monday, 27 September 2021

Unless you go through Apple, replacing your iPhone 13 display will disable Face ID permanently

In one of the most strict product repair decisions ever made by Apple, new findings in the days following the launch of the iPhone 13 series seem to indicate that the company is going as far as prohibiting the use of Face ID on devices with a third-party screen replacement - even if the display component is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM). 

Previously, Apple has made some questionable decisions to deter potential third-party repair ventures by utilising proprietary screws as far back 2011. However, the decision to outright disable the use of Face ID is perhaps one of the most anti-consumer choices made yet. 

The findings were discovered by Phone Repair Guru, who made the determination that even a geniuine display would disable Face ID by taking two brand new iPhone 13 units and swapping the screens. 

In other iPhone 13 related news, it's also been discovered that some of the advertised 120Hz refresh rate animations are not working as expected on third-party applications. Of course though, it's already been clarified this is an unintentional bug rather than a deliberate move by the company. 

Am I correct in seeing that UIView.animateWithDuration APIs aren't clocked at 120Hz on iPhone 13? On UIScrollView, system ones, and Metal by the looks of it, rest is still 60Hz? pic.twitter.com/t3MeM9cj0E

â€" Christian Selig (@ChristianSelig) September 24, 2021

An update to either iOS 15.0.1 or 15.1 is expected in the coming days to weeks and set to address the 120Hz panel issue. As for the Face ID issue on third-party repairs, Apple is yet to comment, however, we can only presume it's an intentional move. 

Source : https://www.pocket-lint.com/phones/news/apple/158525-unless-you-go-through-apple-replacing-your-iphone-13-display-will-disable-face-id-permanently

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