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Friday, 24 September 2021

Amazon would like you to mount an Alexa screen on your wall

A new report by Bloomberg today details information about how Amazon plans on expanding the Alexa home lineup over the next year or so. 

Allegedly, there are a handful of new devices in the pipeline, such as a giant 15-inch Alexa screen the company hopes you'll be willing to mount on your wall, an Alexa television soundbar with a built-in camera, and even an autonomous robot that'll follow you around your house ready to take your every command. 

As with all confidential product news leaks, there's no guarantee any of these devices actually hit the market - especially the Alexa-powered robot - which according to the report has internal scepticism within the company from team members as high-up as company founder Jeff Bezos himself. 

The device would function similarly to an iRobot vacuum - which is able to easily track out suitable walking pathways within a cluttered home - with the idea that anytime you have a question or command for Alexa, your personal assistant robot will always be right behind you to help you out. 

However, with the company so eager for customers owning different Alexa devices scattered throughout all the rooms of their home, it seems somewhat questionable as to who would actually want to have one of these things following you around all day long. And, with a rumoured $1,000+ starting price to boot, the feasibility of seeing something like this launch anytime soon feels far-fetched at best. 

The actual product the company hopes to introduce sometime in the near future is the aforementioned 15-inch Alexa display, where Amazon envisions customers physically mounting the device into their walls like a miniature television so they can quickly pull up recipes, make video calls, and more. 

On that same note, Bloomberg also reports that the company is close to launching a first-party Amazon television soundbar featuring a centred camera built-in so families can take video calls while sitting on their sofa beamed to the big screen for all to see. 

Apparently, the Amazon soundbar was pinned for launch sometime in 2021, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, those plans have been pushed back until 2022 at the earliest. 

Just the other day, Pocket-lint covered a series of new Facebook Portal devices, which are quite similar to the smart screen style of connected devices Amazon is so eagerly awaiting to push out. If you'd like to learn more about those, click here. 

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