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Monday, 6 September 2021

Mercedes takes the G-Class to the future with the Concept EQG

The electrification of Mercedes' line-up of cars continues apace and the latest Concept EQG gives us a tantalising look at what an electric G-Class will offer.

More than just a concept, Mercedes goes further in calling the Concept EQG "near production", so it's likely that what we're looking at here is close to what will roll off the assembly line.

From the exterior, Mercedes has retained the iconic G-Class boxy shape, so it's instantly recognisable, but also confirmed that the concept keeps the ladder frame that the body is built on.

The batteries are packed into that ladder frame to keep the centre of gravity low, and while the specifics are kept to a minimum, Mercedes does reveal that there are four motors, one to drive each wheel, while there's also a two-speed reduction gearbox, so you can effectively put it into low range to ensure offroad performance.

There's no word on range, battery capacity or power - but we suspect all will be pretty staggering, considering that the G-Class is generally languishing at the luxury end of the offroad segment.

What we do see, however, is 22-inch polished aluminium wheels, the EQ grille at the front - decorated and illuminated - and a lockbox on the rear door.

This lockbox isn't a spare wheel, instead, Mercedes says it's a great place to keep the charging cable for easy access.

"We're travelling into the future with the new EQG! This car epitomises the fusion of state-of-the-art off-road capabilities with the dawn of electric mobility that we all need to strive for," said Gorden Wagener, chief design officer Daimler Group.

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