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Monday, 6 September 2021

Segway's robot lawnmower doesn't need a boundary wire

Segway is moving into robot lawnmowers and has revealed a bot that uses GPS and other sensors that mean it can ditch boundary wires and work more intelligently. 

The company most well-known for its balancing scooters is now looking to revolutionise the robotic lawnmower market with the Segway Navimow. 

The Navimow is theoretically a nifty upgrade to most other robot lawnmowers as it's using extra intelligence to get the job done. Traditionally these bots usually need a boundary wire buried around the edge of your garden in order to alert the machine when it's getting too close to the boundary and prevent problems. 

The Segway Navimow instead boasts something called the "Exact Fusion Locating System" (EFLS) which uses a mixture of GPS and other sensors to monitor the machine's position. This then allows the user to establish virtual boundaries within the accompanying app. 

All this means that the Navimow is not only easier to set up but also that you don't need to damage your lawn to install it. The EFLS technology also has other uses as well, including anti-theft intelligence that detects if someone is nearby and notifies you via the app. 

Segway says that the Navimow will automatically decipher the most efficient way to cut your lawn. It is also designed to learn and improve further over time. Like robot vacuum cleaners, it also has anti-collision sensors so it can see and avoid obstacles or work around them. 

More importantly, Segway's BladeStop system is designed to prevent mishaps by automatically stopping the blades from spinning if a person or pet comes near while a cut is in progress. 

With a 10,200 mAh battery, the Navimow is said to be able to handle lawns of up to 3,000 square meters. It also boasts IPX6 water-resistance to avoid problems with rain and a sensor that will send it back to its dock should there be a downpour. 

Naturally, the Navimow will go out and cut more often than you would with a traditional person powered lawnmower, but it's also quiet and efficient. Operating at just 58 dB, Segway says it is considerably quieter than most lawnmowers.

The Navimow is available now in four different models with prices starting from 1,499 Euro ($1,800).

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