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Wednesday, 8 September 2021

iRobot J7+ robot vacuum identifies obstacles, including cables and pet waste

iRobot has announced its latest robot vacuum cleaners in the J7 and J7+. The latest models sit below the company's flagship S9+ and they have been described as "thoughtful", featuring the ability to identify obstacles in their path and avoid hazards.

The iRobot J7 and J7+ have PrecisionVision Navigation and will learn and react in real time, avoiding common obstacles like cables and pet waste from launch, with extra obstacles added over time, including socks.

When an obstacle or hazard is identified, the J7 and J7+ will send an image to the iRobot app, where you will be able to instruct them to avoid or clean around, as well as offering feedback on whether the said obstacle should be avoided in future.

The J7+ also has Imprint Smart Mapping, like the company's S9+ and i7+, enabling it to learn your home's floor plan over time so you can tell the J7+ to just clean the kitchen, for example. There's also Imprint Link Technology on board that will tell the Braava Jet m6 mop to clean after, if you're lucky enough to have the robot mop too.

There are also several new software features coming to the J7, J7+ and other older models in the iRobot portfolio with the Genius 3.0 Home Intelligence over-the-air update. This update will include a Clean While I'm Away mode, Smart Map Coaching and Room Name Suggestions, Cleaning Time Estimates and Quiet Drive mode.

Like the iRobot S9+ and i7+, the J7+ features a Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal, though this has been redesigned to not only feature a premium metal finish with a leather pull tab, but a shorter form, allowing it to fit under tables and remain out of the way.

The iRobot J7+ is available now and costs £899.99 in the UK. The iRobot J7 - which doesn't have a cleaning base - will cost £699.99 and be available from the end of September.

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