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Wednesday, 8 September 2021

iRobot makes older robot vacuums smarter with Genius 3.0 software update

iRobot has announced a software update coming to its portfolio of robot vacuums and mops that will make them smarter and deliver new features.

The Genius 3.0 Home Intelligence software update will be an over-the-air update and it will benefit several of the older robot vacuums, including the S9+ and i7+, as well as the newly announced J7 and J7+.

The new features include Clean While I'm Away, which will see your robot vacuum use your phone's location to automatically start and stop cleaning when your phone leaves or returns to a defined boundary set by you. A Smart Map Coaching and Room Name Suggestions feature will help users personalise Smart Maps, while Cleaning Time Estimates gives you a rough idea of how much longer a cleaning run is going to take.

The software update will also bring Quiet Drive which will shut down vacuuming components when your robot is moving to and from cleaning jobs, and there will also be a Do Not Disturb function coming, along with health recommendations for your robot vacuum. Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility is also getting an update, with feedback from the assistants coming.

It's worth noting some features from the Genius 3.0 update will only be compatible with robot vacuums and mops featuring Imprint Smart Mapping robots, like the Roomba i7/i7+, Roomba s9/s9+, Roomba j7/j7+ robot vacuums and Braava jet m6 robot mops.

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