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Tuesday, 21 September 2021

Addison Lee taxi fleet is going electric with the Volkswagen ID.4

Addison Lee has confirmed that it will be taking its fleet of passenger cars electric by 2023.

Addison Lee claims that it will be making the move in advance of other large private hire vehicle companies in London, so your next Addy Lee, could be electric.

The company already has some 650 electric vehicles on the fleet following the takeover of ComCab earlier in 2021, but the electrification plans are really going to be driven by the Volkswagen ID.4, with Addison Lee announcing a partnership with VW.

That's going to put a lot of ID.4 on the road, something that's going to raise the profile of VW's excellent electric SUV. It has plenty of space, plenty of range and we can see that for hopping across London or getting those early morning lifts to the airport, the ID.4 will give a comfortable and quiet ride.

Addison Lee says that it will lead to 20,000 zero emission journeys around London every day, with an investment of £160million driving the move to electric.

The challenge for Addison Lee is going to be managing the fleet and the charging to ensure a seamless service. Acknowledging that charging infrastructure presents a challenge, Addison Lee has confirmed that it's looking for a partner for charging - with news to come in the future.

Hopefully, increasing demands from businesses like Addison Lee will lead to a boost in the availability of dedicated rapid chargers around London, while increased familiarity from daily trips in electric cars like the VW ID.4 will help that transition away from combustion for everyone.

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