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Tuesday, 21 September 2021

Netflix is trialling a completely free plan in Kenya

Netflix has announced that it's rolling out a free plan in Kenya to entice customers to its streaming platform. This new free tier in Kenya will be available to anyone with an Android phone. 

Users are only required to sign up with an email address, confirm they're 18 years old or over, and create a password. No payment information is required at all. 

There are a few caveats, as with any free service. For instance, you can only access the free tier on an Android phone. Plus, you can only stream the shows that are available, free plan users can't download for offline viewing. What's more, the catalog doesn't contain Netflix's entire library. 

One interesting part of the announcement from Netflix indicates the move was inspired by the fact that many people in Kenya haven't yet tried the streaming service. In essence, the streaming giant wants to offer a risk-free way to watch some of its most-loved shows, without charging a penny for it. 

The clear aim here is that the free plan will convince those who sign up that the service is worth paying for so that they can then access it on their laptops, TVs and other devices. Plus, get access to the entire catalog of shows, and not the limited free selection, and get to download them for offline watching. 

Netflix's free plan will be rolling out in Kenya from now and over the next few weeks. 

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