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Thursday, 9 September 2021

What is the best order to watch the Matrix movies?

Get ready for a return to the Matrix.

The franchise that kicked off the new millennium over 20 years ago is returning in December 2021 -- with its first sequel since The Matrix Revolutions released in 2003.

The next installment, The Matrix Resurrections (Matrix 4), is actually one of the movies WarnerMedia plans to premiere on HBO Max and in theaters at the same time on 22 December 2021 and will star Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss. 

Lana Wachowski is returning to direct the new film. Lana, with her sister Lilly, wrote and directed the original film. (Lilly won't return to help with Matrix 4 due to pre-existing conflicts with a TV show she is producing.)

Either way, we're excited to watch Matrix Resurrections when it premieres on HBO Max and in cinemas later this year. 

To help get you up to speed with the franchise, so that you can binge it the correct way, especially given the trailer references the first movies,  we've rounded up all the Matrix films, including the animated shorts. We've listed them chronologically, too, so you can follow events as they happen. 

It's really quite obvious, considering the release date order is chronological, but we tell you where to slot in the animated shorts and given that the films don't have their number in the title this should make finding the right order a little easier. Skip to the bottom if you don't want any spoilers - we have a bulleted, glanceable version there.


Matrix movies in chronological order


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