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Tuesday, 21 September 2021

TOKIT teams up with SortedFood and Christine Ha to put the Omni Cook to the test

There's no shortage of hype around kitchen gadgets out there, which can sometimes make it a little hard to know which you can trust and which won't ever actually end up in people's hands for real.

That's why it's so great to see that TOKIT isn't just raising funds for its superb Omni Cook smart cooking gadget - it's also putting it in the hands of testers and chefs to let you see exactly how impressive it can be. We're throwing the spotlight on a couple of great collaborations that TOKIT's worked on recently, so check them out below!


First up we've got SortedFood, a brilliant channel that hosts all manner of how-to's and recipes, alongside more fun content too. It's really gone to town on the Omni Cook, demonstrating not just a huge range of techniques and food types that you can use it for, but also showing how even people who've never used it before can get on nicely.

The guys run through a few quick recipes, making a full four-course meal using its built-in recipe guides, and it all works as smoothly as can be. They even find time to test out some of its more subtle features, like a pre-cleaning mode that makes washing up even easier. This video gives you a great sense for how the Omni Cook actually feels to use, since you can really easily see them using its touch screen and UI to navigate around, and covers off a bunch of the device's functions, so we heartily recommend giving it a watch if you're even a little sceptical!

Christine Ha

While SortedFood went into real detail and showcased a few ways of cooking using the Omni Cook, there's a lot to be said for an actual unboxing video, which as we all know offers a great way to preview what you'll actually be getting in the box when you buy a piece of tech.

That's why Christine Ha's video is so great - you can see exactly what you get as she takes it all out, plus she runs through the simple process of using its steamer mode at the end to demonstrate how quickly you can go from a boxed product to cooking with the Omni Cook. She demonstrates how it's just a matter of following on-screen instructions and using the included attachments to quickly set up a type of cooking that can normally be quite complicated - as anyone who's tried to steam dumplings without a proper steamer can testify.

Also, Christine Ha is a powerful advocate for blind people being able to cook easily, and the fact that she's using the Omni Cook showcases just how approachable it is, compared to some other gadgets that aren't as accessible.

If you want to try the Omni Cook for yourself, after seeing how these channels have got on with it, it's now available to order following a series of blockbuster crowdfunding campaigns over the last year, so be sure to get one for your own kitchen now!

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