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Thursday, 16 September 2021

The Honor MagicBook V 14 will be one of the first Windows 11 laptops

Windows 11 is right around the corner, launching in early October, but it might be a little while until you see it in a widespread way on new devices, just because of the long pipeline that tech launches tend to involve.

That's why it's interesting to learn that Honor's new MagicBook V 14, an upgrade on the existing MagicBook 14, will be one of the first laptops to ship with Microsoft's new operating system when it launches later this year.

Sadly we don't have loads of details to refer to when it comes to the laptops actual specs, since the news came as part of a partnership announcement between Honor and Microsoft, rather than a full launch for the new laptop.

Still, the standard MagicBook 14 was a really solid little performer, so we can pretty safely presume that the V 14 will improve on it at least a little, and the addition of the latest Windows software is unlikely to have many downsides when it comes to future-proofing.

The laptop will apparently get a full unveiling later this month, on 26 September, so we'll find out more about it then, beyond its OS, and Honor is touting even better integration between hardware and software as something to look forward to in terms of details at that event.

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