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Friday, 3 September 2021

The 100W 3C1A GaN Fast Charger from UGREEN could be all you ever need

Chargers are not all built equally. It's not like it was a few years ago that whatever charger came with your device, you used, and that was that. Nowadays there's far more tech built into chargers that can deliver charge times that we might have never thought possible. One such power figure in the charger world is the UGREEN 100W 3C1A GaN Fast Charger.

Impressive 100W power output

All devices have varying maximum charge rates. Some are as low as 5W, whereas others can be as high as 65W or more. Luckily, the UGREEN 100W 3C1A GaN Fast Charger covers all these bases. And because the maximum total output is 100W, chances are you'll be able to charge most of your devices at once at their maximum charge rates.

For example, you could charge an Apple MacBook Pro 13" at 60W and two iPhone 12 Pros at 20W each. This will get each iPhone up to 50% in only 30 minutes, and the MacBook Pro to 100% in about 1.8 hours. It means that you'll never need to worry about running out of charge again, considering how blisteringly quick your devices will now charge.

3 USB C and 1 USB A charging ports

Why use up an entire wall socket for a single cable? It makes no sense. There's far more power coming out of there that you can make full use of. And so the UGREEN 100W 3C1A GaN Fast Charger does exactly that, offering four ports to charge multiple devices at once.

There are three USB-C ports and a single USB-A port. Most new devices are coming with a USB-C port, which requires a USB-C double-ended cable for the fastest possible charging. So UGREEN has catered for these newer devices but also offering the older USB-A port for those devices that prefer this standard.

The ports are labelled USB-C1, USB-C2, USB-C3, and USB-A. The C1 and C2 ports can both offer the full 100W when used in isolation, while the C3 port and USB-A can charge at a maximum of 22.5W each. In practice, this means that the C3 and USB-A ports can each do 22.5W, while the C1 and C2 ports can both offer 27.5W each, all at the same time.

Latest GaN technology for fast and safe charging

The UGREEN 100W GaN Fast Charger is powered by the Navitas GaN Power IC. That means it has the latest GaN semiconductor material built into the charger. It allows it to more efficiently deliver power from the outlet to your devices, reducing power loss from your socket to your device by up to 80%.

It also means your charger won't run too hot, wasting even more energy and potentially getting a bit scary to hold, when you want to unplug it. To learn more about GaN technology, head over to UGREEN's blog.

Palm-size and foldable plug

Even the smallest chargers take up far more room than you'd think. So, when you add in the capability of charging more than one device, you'd assume that it'll grow to gargantuan proportions. But UGREEN has devised a fantastic design to compress all that great tech into a lovely little package.

The 100W 3C1A GaN Fast Charger is about the size of your palm and only weighs about 340g. This means that it's great even for travelling, fitting neatly into any size bag. The charging prongs are also foldable, protecting them and anything else in your bag, while also making the charger even easier to pack.

Widely compatible

If you're on the lookout for a solid charger for multiple devices but aren't sure whether it'll be compatible with everything you have, then look no further. The 100W 3C1A GaN Fast Charger will charge anything from iPhones to Samsung phones, MacBooks to iPads and Microsoft Surface Pros, and even smaller devices like headphones. You can also use it for wireless charging.

You can use it for 100-240V inputs, as well as European and American plugs. These cover a huge range around the world, so make it widely compatible. With a price of only $69.99, you might think that the 100W 3C1A GaN Fast Charger is the perfect addition to your home or office space. Head over to UGREEN to get yours.

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