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Friday, 24 September 2021

Samsung 4K and 8K TV choices for 2021: Pick the best TV for you

If you're looking for a new television and want one of the finest pictures on the market, then Samsung's range is sure to be on your list.

There are QLED TVs from the past few years, and in 2021, Samsung introduced the next-gen Neo QLED, powered by Mini LED tech, as well as MicroLED, albeit limited to 110 inch size only.

The latest range of QLED models all offer connectivity through common voice assistants, the latest streaming services from Apple and Disney - including AirPlay 2 - as well as a lot of technology to boost the picture performance.

Understanding Samsung TV names

If you're wondering about model codes in Samsung designations: 'R' is 2019, 'T' is 2020 - but Samsung seems to have moved back to 'A' for 2021, with a reshuffling of the technologies on offer.

You'll also notice that triple digits is 8K - QN900A - and double digits is 4K - QN90A, for example, which helps you see what you're getting at a glance.

Worth noting is that QN (QLED Neo) seems to be the designation for the new display tech; Q is the incumbent QLED tech; and U is LED - or Crystal UHD as Samsung calls it.

There are also named lifestyle TVs: Serif, Sero, Frame and Terrace, all with specific design features. We're not covering those in this list, instead we covering "normal" televisions.

Samsung 2021 TV choices

Here's the latest Samsung 4K and 8K QLED TV line-up and how each model differs from the next, covering the last couple of years. This isn't an exhaustive list of all Samsung models in all regions, but is designed to give you an idea of where your choices lie when it comes to buying a new Samsung TV.

We're regularly updating this list to ensure that the prices are the best you can buy and the models are still available. Again, there will be regional differences.

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