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Thursday, 9 September 2021

PUBG is getting a casual mode with the latest update

PUBG: Battlegrounds is getting an update with a number of new additions that include a new weapon, a new Survivor Pass and a casual mode. 

PUBG Studios has announced that the update is already out on PC and coming to consoles on 16 September. Included in the patch (13.2) are a number of changes to the game with new additions including a P90 submachine gun included in Care Packages dropped on all maps. There's also a new throwable - the Blue Zone grenade - which when tossed does 10 damage per second to any unfortunate soul unlucky enough to be in its radius. 

There's a new vehicle too in the form of the Porter Hyundai pick-up truck. You'll only find it in the Taego map and it will replace the UAZ, but it will hold four people and can be used to store items for transport. Just don't let it get blown up or you'll lose all your loot. 

Casual Mode

Perhaps the most interesting change though is the addition of a Casual Mode. This mode allows players to warm up outside of the standard game mode. In Casual Mode, you can still earn XP and BP rewards while playing with a max of 12 players. 

Causal Mode takes place on the Erangel map, only in the third-person perspective and you can only play three matches of it per day solo or with a team. 

But there is support for:

  • Career: Stats/Match History/Medals/Survival/Weapons/Replays
  • Pass Mission
  • Event Mission
  • BattleStats
  • BP Rewards
  • XP Rewards
  • Spectating

Plenty to keep PUBG interesting! Be sure to checkout the patch notes to find out more about the other changes. 

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