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Wednesday, 1 September 2021

Philips Hue debuts new bulbs and Spotify integration for easier music syncing

Philips Hue, via its parent Signify, has unveiled the major additions to its lineup for this Autumn alongside a few welcome changes to its apps and services, as part of what would normally be an IFA event.

The biggest change for existing Hue users, provided they've got a Hue Bridge and aren't just using Bluetooth connections to control their lights, is a new partnership with Spotify. This'll let you set up easy light syncing between your smart home and your music.

In the first instance, the new integration will work today for Philips Hue app 4 users, before it becomes widely available to all in October, and it makes a previously fiddly process super easy, giving you great pulses of mood lighting if you've got a particularly wide range of bulbs - although it'll only work with colour bulbs, not white ambience models.

Another software update makes your custom scenes a little more impressive by adding dynamism to them, letting lighting transitioning automatically across long periods of time - perfect for adjusting during a working day, and easier to set up than a custom routine.

There are also a host of new lighting products, too, including a new Philips Hue Play gradient light tube designed to sit above or below your TV for synced-up lighting on the wall behind it, and all-new revisions of the popular filament bulb options that now feature white ambience modes to let you choose the intensity and tone of their light.

For all of its white and white ambience bulbs, in fact, new 1100 and 1600-lumen options have been added to let you get brighter lights if you need them, again widening their potential usefulness.

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