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Friday, 17 September 2021

Nintendo filing hints at new Switch controller - but it could stay secret for up to 180 days

Nintendo appears to have a new wireless Switch controller in the works, though we may not find out what the device actually is for up to 180 days. 

The details have emerged from an FCC filing - first uncovered by Vooks - filed by the Japanese gaming giant this week, which denotes a device with the model number HAC-043.

Nintendo tends to mark the Switch and all of the peripherals with the 'HAC' moniker, with this latest entry sitting one number higher than the wireless SNES controller we saw released in 2019. The Pro Controller (HAC-013), Nintendo Switch dock (HAC-007) and Ring-Con Controller (HAC-023), as other examples, have all followed the same pattern.

Unfortunately, though, there's really not much more to go off other than this model listing, since Nintendo has submitted a 180-day confidentiality request. 

This hides details such as sketches, photos and more, though the basics of the listing do share that the device is both wireless and supports Bluetooth. It also appears to draw more power - 3.5mW - than the Joy-Con's 2.7mW.

As we've already outlined, the nature of the device's model number means it really could be anything. 

With the confidentiality period taking us until March next year, though, we have plenty of time to speculate - potentially, anyway.

Best guesses currently point to Nintendo releasing a wireless, reworked version of the N64 - particularly following rumours of N64 games coming to Switch Online. However, with the Switch OLED arriving in October, the mysterious new device could also be a slightly tweaked version of the Pro Controller. 

As we saw with the Switch OLED's own announcement, or even this week's long, long overdue arrival of Nintendo Switch Bluetooth audio support, it's incredibly difficult to know what Nintendo has cooking and when it'll be ready.

So, for now, there's nothing to do but play the waiting game.

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