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Friday, 3 September 2021

Battlefield Mobile appears on Google Play, but you can't have it, yet

Battlefield Mobile - the forthcoming title that's going to bring the action of the Battlefield series to your mobile - has popped up on Google Play, sending Android gamers into a state of excitement.

The app was added to Google Play on 18 August, but has only just been discovered. At the same time, EA has confirmed that play tests are going to be starting soon, limited initially to Indonesia and Philippines.

Battlefield Mobile was first announced in April 2021 and is due to launch in 2022. The play tests are only going to be on Android, starting small but slowly expanding as the tests progress.

For us, the game is currently listed as "not available", but EA has confirmed that before the game launches you'll be able to pre-register your interest, so you'll be alerted when it becomes available.

Currently little is known about what Battlefield Mobile will offer, but having seen the success of Call of Duty Mobile, it makes sense for the franchise to break new ground.

This game isn't a port, it's a completely new game, built for mobile and only on mobile, with release confirmed both for Android and iOS.

The listing on Google Play shows off some visuals, while describing some of the game. One of the interesting things mentioned is that you'll be able to battle on land, sea and in the air; there's going to be a wide range of weapons and gadgets, as well as vehicles.

Battlefield Mobile will be free to play, but will include in-app purchases, which EA says are cosmetic only - so it sounds similar to PUBG Mobile and CoD Mobile in that sense.

We suspect there will be a lot more content being shared once the play tests begin as we build up to the launch in 2022.

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