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Wednesday, 10 August 2022

The world's biggest Lego store gets a makeover in London

Lego has unveiled a complete refurbishment of what is now officially the largest Lego store in the world, in the form of the flagship store on London's Leicester Square.

The central location has been refitted and now has even more square footage on offer, full of new displays that are quintessential to the United Kingdom and some of Lego's most successful lines.

That means you can say hello to the cast of the Harry Potter saga in their Lego form, for example.

Also present and correct is the iconic Aston Martin of a certain 007 agent called James Bond, who has so often driven through London in his various screen outings.

The store isn't just limited to more recent icons, either - the world-famous playwright William Shakespeare is present and correct with his recognisable goatee, ready for posed photos as you move through the shop.

It makes for a shopping experience that's even more colourful and eclectic than it already was, and cements the shop as a destination for tourists and Lego-lovers alike if they're in and around central London.

The store is now open once more, so you can pop in to see what new sets you might like to pick up, with a few in-store-only deals letting you leave with small bonus sets if you spend over £120 on your visit before 14 August 2022.

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