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Tuesday, 23 August 2022

Dashlane can keep your employees' passwords safe

Running a business of almost any size can be a mountainous task, but in the modern world one part of it that's a little scarier than some people realise is cybersecurity.

Helping your employees to keep their passwords and accounts safe can be pretty challenging if you don't have the right tools for the job, which is where Dashlane comes in. This superb password-management suite is ideal for businesses, whether they're a dozen people or have thousands of employees. Here are five reasons why you should consider it for your business today.

Keep all your accounts secure

Depending on your job role, a modern position can mean maintaining a whole bunch of professional accounts, whether they're for your own systems and email servers, or for external programmes like photo editing suites, word processors or professional platforms.

This means that most employees have to remember loads of different logins, which generally leads to the sort of password fatigue that leaves them re-using passwords in order to save time - something that can be disastrous if one of those passwords is compromised. Dashlane can help with that problem by centralising these accounts and giving them unique passwords each.

Reliably complex passwords

Plus, the passwords that Dashlane assigns to your accounts are incredibly complex, making them hugely more secure than something you might come up with on your own. They're long, randomised and contain a variety of characters, ensuring that even a brute-force hacking attempt would struggle to crack them.

There's no memorisation required, though - Dashlane keeps your logins secure so that you can just use it to log in when you need to.

Keep track of things

From an organisational point of view, one of the things that makes Dashlane so useful is that it has a host of tools to let you monitor how it's working across your whole business - you can see who's re-using passwords, and who needs a nudge to finally update one that's been compromised, for example.

This can be handled by those who are made admins on the system, ensuring that you don't have to burden everyone with the information, keeping it to the management or admin staff that you want to be in charge of it all.

All your devices are covered

With a mobile app as well as a web app you can use on your computer,, Dashlane works on basically any device that you might be using professionally, meaning you'll never be stuck without being able to use it to help you log in to your accounts.

This means it's perfect for dynamic workplaces that move between meeting rooms, flexible working spaces and sessions working from home - your employees can just download the app and they'll be logging in happily in no time.

Plans to suit your needs

Dashlane has two different plans that you can choose from according to what your organisation needs. The simpler plan, Dashlane Team, lets you manage your passwords without too much baggage, an immediate improvement on any system that was self-reliant before, and is a great way to get started with your password management quickly.

Then, if you want more in-depth tools and think you could unlock more power if you can integrate into your single sign-on system, you can upgrade whenever you like to the more powerful Dashlane Business.

Either way, you can try Dashlane for free without committing to a subscription, and there are a host of step-by-step guides you can follow to get you started without a struggle. Password management is an absolute must-have in the modern workplace, so be sure to check out Dashlane to see if it could work for your business!

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