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Tuesday, 23 August 2022

Steelseries' new Arctis Nova wireless headsets are cross-platform at last

Following on from the top-end Arctis Nova Pro and Nova Pro Wireless that it unveiled earlier this summer, Steelseries has just launched some console-ready headsets that are likely to find a bit wider of an audience - the Arctis Nova 7, Nova 1 and Nova 3 ranges.

The Nova 7 is particularly eye-catching thanks to the addition of a multi-platform dongle that means it'll work wireless with Xbox and PlayStation consoles equally well, along with PC, Switch and other platforms.

This is something Steelseries first managed a couple of years ago with the Arctis 1 Wireless for Xbox, and we've been waiting for it to hit a more premium headset ever since.

It means that the Xbox and PlayStation-specific versions Steelseries is launching are different almost solely on aesthetic levels, without swapping any technical compatibilities apart from one - the Xbox version has a Chatmix dial, while the PlayStation version has a sidetone dial.

For $179.99 or £174.99 the Nova 7 loses some of the bells and whistles from the Nova Pro Wireless, not least the swappable battery pack and active noise-cancelling, but retains the swish new design that we can attest is really comfortable.


It has really solid battery life at 38 hours estimated, along with multi-source Bluetooth for mixed audio, and has a volume dial on one earcup as you'd hope.

The Arctis Nova 1 and 3, meanwhile, fill out lower price points with wired audio, with the Nova 3 packing in some RGB lighting to justify its higher pricetag.

You can check out the full range of headsets on Steelseries' website right here to see all the precise specs of each model.

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