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Monday, 22 August 2022

Fitbit's new Wear OS watch could be square

Fitbit's got a wave of devices coming, based on the last few months of leaks and rumours, and at least one of those is expected to be a lot closer to a full smartwatch, sporting new owner Google's Wear OS operating system.

Based on some new hints discovered in the latest Google Play Services beta branch spotted by XDA-Developers, it looks like that watch, when it arrives, might have a square shape that's in line with other Fitbit products like its Versa watches.

Two images from the branch relate to the Google Pay capabilities of what is presumably the new watch (since older Fitbits currently use Fitbit Pay for contactless payments, if they can).

As you can see above, the icon shows a squared-off design that nonetheless still has pretty rounded corners, and is distinctly reminiscent of Versa devices.

Of course, it's possible that there's another explanation for the designs - they could be put in place to cater for a point when older Fitbits like the Versa 3 start transitioning from Fitbit Pay over to Google Pay, which would make sense at a certain point given that Google has now owned Fitbit for a good while.

We might not get a concrete answer on that anytime soon, but at the very least this showcases that Fitbit is still right at the forefront of Google's plans, unsurprisingly.

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