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Wednesday, 31 August 2022

Philips launches new OLED+ and Mini LED options at IFA 2022

Philips has started things off nicely at IFA 2022 in Berlin with the launch of a range of new Ambilight TVs, including OLED+ and Mini LED options, fleshing out its range of flagship models.

The range is led by the OLED+937, which will be available in 65 and 77-inch variants, and sporting the latest generation of Philips' AI image processing.

Bowers & Wilkins are behind the sound design of the TV, which has its own 5.1 channel support, although we'd imagine it'll still shine best when paired with a full surround system.

A slightly lower-spec option is also available in the form of the OLED+907, which will also come in smaller sizes: 48, 55 and 65-inch options will be available, for those of us with slightly more normal lounges.

Both the 937 and 907 have a suite of gaming features, too, including support for VRR and for 120Hz refresh rates, allowing smoother play on PS5 and Xbox Series X.

On the Mini LED side of things, Philips showed off the already-announced PML9507, which might not be super cost-effective right now but offers an absolutely astonishing picture thanks to its new tech.

All of these models also pack in what Philips calls Ambilight Next Generation, a step forward for its backlighting technology that should be more precise than ever as it tracks the on-screen action.

A new Aurora mode will also let you create pre-made sequences to play out if you want an immersive background for a party or any other reason, which also sounds fun.

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