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Thursday, 25 August 2022

Sonos reportedly working on multi-directional speaker with Dolby Atmos

Sonos is said to be planning a flagship speaker that can beam audio in "nearly all directions" at once.

The Optimo 2, as it is allegedly codenamed, is a single-speaker solution designed to replace the Sonos Five. It is said to contain a large array of drivers, including some that fire in different directions, and have front and rear grilles.

The information on the new Sonos device was discovered by The Verge, which claims to have seen early, work-in-progress images. It reveals that the design resembles a dual-angled shell which tapers in the middle.

The speaker will also have twice as much RAM as the Sonos Five and eight times more flash memory than previous Sonos devices, it states.

The Sonos Optimo 2 will also support Bluetooth, it is claimed, plus Sonos Voice Control.

Dolby Atmos support is possible too, with the multiple drivers used to fire multi-channel audio in all related directions. That could be for music, from the likes of Amazon and Apple Music, plus cinema soundtracks if connected to an AV system (although this doesn't seem to be a replacement for Arc or Beam).

The Verge also states that are also plans for other Optimo speakers, such as an Optimo 1 and 1 SL. There are no plans for built-in microphones in those products, however.

There are no indications on when Sonos might launch its new speaker(s). We'll keep you updated as we learn more.

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