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Wednesday, 31 August 2022

Asus ROG Phone 6D and 6D Ultimate images leak

It's only a few short weeks since Asus unveiled the ROG Phone 6, and already we're getting information about another model of ROG Phone coming down the pike.

The ROG Phone 6D and 6D Ultimate will have one major difference from the normal variants when they are actually announced, according to precedent and reports - they'll use Dimensity chipsets instead of the Snapdragon chips in the normal ROG Phone 6.

That's what the "D" stands for, in this case, and it's an exciting prospect for those who love a good benchmark test, as the Mediatek Dimensity 9000+ chip in question is apparently performing even better than the already-impressive Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 in the normal ROG Phone 6.

Well, now we've got some images to go with that information, courtesy of 91Mobiles, but you might have spotted that they don't look very different to the models already unveiled.

That's because, unsurprisingly, these aren't actually new models of the phone, but rather will simply swap out that chipset and leave everything else unchanged, as far as we know.

That could be an incorrect assumption, though, so we'll keep an eye out for any further news about the phones, and in particular any official unveiling by Asus.

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