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Wednesday, 31 August 2022

COD Modern Warfare 2 campaign footage leaks with vehicle gameplay

Footage from a campaign level in the eagerly-anticipated Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has seemingly leaked online, showing off small but telling slices of gameplay from the game.

The clips are unsurprisingly being chased down with DMCA claims in an ongoing way, so don't stay up on Twitter for long, but showcase a car chase in which the player jumps between vehicles, driving them and leaning out of windows to shoot at enemies.

In another clip, the player's weapon dominates the screen (which is only recording part of a TV) and looks like an MP7 submachine gun. It has aggressive muzzle flashes and high detail, but there's little to be gleaned from it.

Finally, a short moment shows a night-time mission in which the player swims up to a dock and gets out of the water, which would likely be the start of a stealthier section, we'd guess.

We're not reposting the clips due to that copyright situation, but you can fairly easily find them still by searching on Twitter, and they look pretty authentic to us.

For one thing, the vehicle mounting and driving features that are on evidence in the longest clip tally with what we've been told by Infinity Ward about how Modern Warfare 2 will take things forward on that front.

It's a system that should also have a big influence on Warzone 2.0 when the new battle royale releases later this year, given how big vehicles are in that game's meta.

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