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Tuesday, 23 August 2022

Google TV improved through performance upgrades

Google has pushed a performance update to its Chromecast with Google TV device, while smart TVs that run the platform will get their own system update soon.

Enhancements include CPU optimisations that make the Google TV experience run more smoothly. The time it takes to load the homescreen from startup has been shortened, for example, while show browsing is quicker.

The "For You" tab experience has been tweaked too, with improved navigation. The "Live" tab also loads more quickly.

In addition, kids profiles have been better optimised.

You don't need to upgrade your hardware neither as Google TV now uses less RAM, so will work more efficient on existing devices.

Also improved with this update is the handling of storage. A "Free up storage" menu allows you to clear your cache and uninstall apps you're not using so you can save extra space on your device or (when the update arrives) smart TV.

A number of other minor tweaks and enhancements have been made "under the hood" to further improve performance.

The update is available now for Chromecast with Google TV. Your device should have installed it automatically, but if not you need to head to settings to ensure you have the latest version.

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