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Wednesday, 10 August 2022

6 Reasons why you'll want to get Swann's Wire-Free Security Camera

Setting up security cameras for your home can be an expensive and exhausting process as you have to do the wiring, purchase expensive gear, and so on. There's a wire-free alternative available that can help you save time, money, and still protect your home: the Swann wire-free security camera. 

Why you'll want your own Swann cam

The Swann security camera can be a great addition to your home. Let's see what we think you'll like about it. 

Easy to install

This security camera stands out from the crowd because it requires no wiring to be strewn across your home. Powered by an internal rechargeable battery, you can plug it in a USB slot and you're good to go. Add in a solar panel and you won't even need to worry about this part - you'll have an endlessly powered security camera. 

Since it requires no wires, it's super easy to install and you can do it yourself. This is also something that will save you a lot of money since installing security systems can be super expensive. 

Great video quality

Another thing that you should know about the camera is that it has a wide 180-degree viewing angle which means it's less likely that you'll have blind spots. 

Furthermore, it supports 1080p HD filming so you'll get high-quality images both during the day and night. Also, in the dark, infrared night vision turns on so you'll have visibility for up to 8 meters. 

All recordings are saved to the cloud for up to 7 days, while local backups will be kept for two days. The data is protected by two-factor authentication and 128-bit encryption on top of the regular username and password security combo. 

High tech

The Swann camera comes with True Detect technology. Basically, it detects heat and motion from people and cars, which in turn triggers push notifications to be sent to your phone and video recordings to be taken. 

Also, the camera can be trained to recognize up to ten people, triggering video recording and sending off personalized notifications. You'll know instantly when your kids are home from school or when your spouse is home from work. 

Communications system

The Swann wire-free security camera can take things a step further, turning into a 2-way communication system that allows you to speak to the people close to the camera when you're not home. This can be super useful for delivery folks coming to drop off your next package. Plus, when friends drop by, you can talk to them and tell them to return later, or when unknown people come snooping by you can scare them off. 

You can also connect the Swann camera to Google Assistant, Google Nest Hub, or any Amazon Alexa-enabled devices. You can order your assistant to start streaming video from your camera anytime you want to make sure all's safe. 

Outdoor or indoor use

While this is a great camera for indoor use, it can also work outside without issues. It has an IP65 rating which means it can withstand rain, snow, or the scorching summer heat without any kind of problem. 

Stellar price

Besides all the cool features that make us want this camera, we should also mention that it's now £100 less than normal. You can get your very own Swann wire-free camera for £49.99 right now! 

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