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Wednesday, 10 August 2022

Best Steam Deck games: The best and most popular games for your handheld

The Steam Deck is a fantastic piece of kit because it'll work with many of your favourite PC games. Some games though are perfectly suited to Steam Deck.

We've written before about how to check which games will work with your Steam Deck, but just because a game will work doesn't mean it'll be a perfect experience. Some games are better suited to a smaller screen or to controller schemes than others. 

Some games are also proving particularly popular amongst Steam Deck owners, so we're rounding them up to help you decide what to buy. 


Stray is a perfect fit for the Steam Deck. A wonderfully chilled-out adventure game that plays nicely with the Steam Deck's controls and looks great on the console as well. 

Elden Ring

We should probably caveat this one by saying that you don't want to buy Elden Ring for your Steam Deck if you're prone to rage fits that might see you toss your console across the room in frustration. Otherwise one of the best action RPGs of late is a perfect purchase.  

No Man's Sky

No Man's Sky has been around for a while now and has seen all manner of awesome updates that make it worth buying if you haven't already. We found it doesn't load as quickly on Steam Deck as it does on a gaming PC but otherwise it's a blast. 

Aperture Desk Job

Aperture Desk Job is a free game that was designed specifically for Steam Deck, so it makes sense that it's a good choice to play. It's probably one of the first things you should try, especially with Valve's sense of humour. 

Stardew Valley 

Stardew Valley is likely a perfect game for playing on your sofa or relaxing while you're out and about with your console. The pixel graphic styling is hardly taxing on the system either, so that'll help with battery life. 


If you're looking for some games for your Steam Deck then what's better than free ones? MultiVersus is an incredibly popular 2D fighting game with plenty of action and all your favourite cartoon characters too. What more could you want?


Enjoy a good rogue-like? Then this popular hack 'n' slash is another one worth picking up. It's in the list of most popular games on Steam Deck at the moment and for good reason.  

God of War

God of War has only just reached PC in 2022 but now you can also play it on the go too thanks to the power of Steam Deck. A fantastic action-adventure which is great fun to play and perfectly suited to controller. 


Valheim is a fantastic open-world survival game with a Viking vibe. You can play with it with as many as 10 friends or just relax on your own exploring the procedurally-generated landscape inspired by Viking culture.

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