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Friday, 18 February 2022

Slazzer: Remove image or photo backgrounds in just seconds

Image editing is one of the most basic needs of digital and high-quality image creation. Cutting the main object is one of the important elements in editing. It can affect the results so much that a lot of software has been created to facilitate this element.

Who needs image editing? There are so many people actually!

Starting from individuals, those who work in the field of advertising, to website designers. For many people, the image editing process is a tedious manual process and even if they are equipped with lots of software, they cannot use it effectively. Too many tools, too many functions, too many problems!

One of the most annoying activities in editing is removing the background from an image. Imagine if you had to edit hundreds or even thousands of images one by one. But today everything can be easier. We will introduce Slazzer, an image background removal application that, unlike similar erasers, can keep the main object sharp and detailed.

The app is capable of working with even complex backgrounds and without leaving a clipping path. Slazzer uses artificial intelligence algorithms to detect the foreground of any subject and remove background automatically from an image.

Where did Slazzer come from?

Slazzer is software developed by Netflairs Technology Pvt Ltd. The company has long observed how image background removal is one of the most time-consuming activities and many people struggle with it. There is so much time wasted by editors, photographers, advertising agencies, and other organizations and they are not getting satisfactory results.

After months of designing, manufacturing, and going through trials and errors, Netflairs Technology Pvt Ltd launched Slazzer on 25 September 2020. It's an app aimed at the consumer market so from the start it was designed to be easy to use. This image background remover app supports various operating systems; Windows, Android, Mac, and Linux.

AI technology makes things easier

You didn't read it wrong! Yes, Slazzer has been integrated with AI technology so the software can automatically find the main object and determine its boundaries. Thus, in removing the background of the image, AI technology can prevent some parts of the main object from being erased. AI technology is very important here because an eraser without AI support will find it difficult to handle delicate objects such as hair. When dealing with such delicate objects, the clipping rate is greatly affected and luckily Slazzer can prevent that. That's thanks to AI technology. AI technology is the future of mankind and it is capable of working down to the smallest details. When applied in an image background remover application, you will get the main object that is clean from the background but without the slightest flaw. With Slazzer you even do better than professional editors can with other applications.

Changing the background is easy with Slazzer

Not only is it able to remove the background, but Slazzer is also able to change it. With this great app, changing the background of your image is easy. Imagine you are taking a picture in your backyard and a few seconds later you have a photo with the Eiffel Tower in the background. All easy thanks to Slazzer. Of course, you have to consider several aspects to make the change visible.

Depth of field

What's that? This is a concept that allows your photos to appear "alive". Changing the background cannot be done arbitrarily. If you change the background carelessly, you will only make your photo look "fake". You have to think about how sharp the background of your photo should be. That way your photo won't end up looking like a kid's masterpiece. Yes, the concept of depth of field can be implemented with the help of Slazzer. You can adjust the background sharpness of your photos with this image background remover app.

You don't have to pay anything

With advanced AI features how much to pay? The good news is that you don't have to pay anything. You can download and use Slazzer for free!

Integration with multiple platforms

One thing that sets Slazzer apart from other similar apps is how it integrates with popular online platforms like Figma, Sketch, Shopify, and Photoshop. With this integration, you can remove the background of a single photo in Shopify, and the changes will take place on the same photo, published in Figma or Sketch.


Slazzer is a great puzzle piece for multimedia workers. Thanks to this free tool, removing the background of an image or replacing it becomes a fun activity.

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