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Friday 18 February 2022

Narwal's superb T10 robot vacuum will keep your home sparkling clean

The robot vacuum market is becoming a hugely competitive place, so you really need to work hard to stand out if you've got a great device that could help people keep their homes clean without any effort.

That's what Narwal's doing, and its T10 robot vacuum and mop is a really stellar option if you're looking to upgrade how things stay clean in your home. We've gathered some of the biggest reasons to consider picking up a Narwal T10, so read on to find out all about this superb cleaning device.

Superb power

For us, the biggest part of any robot vacuum's success is quite a simple one - the amount of power it can leverage as it moves around your home. This is what determines how well it cleans, and whether it leaves any dust or dirt behind. It's why the Narwal T10 is so impressive, with a huge 1800 Pa of pressure that it can target your floors with.

This means that even chunky bits of dirt and detritus will be picked up, and that floors left behind the T10 will be gleaming and clean. This is aided by excellent navigation features that easily and quickly assess any obstacles in the way of the T10 and avoid them without getting stuck or bumping into things.

Great mopping

The Narwal T10 isn't just a vacuum, though, which is another huge part of why it's such a powerful cleaner. It's also an excellent mop, with a huge 1.3-gallon water tank embedded in its docking station to provide it with enough clean water to mop 3000 square feet of flooring before it has to be replenished.

The vacuum itself has a dual-mopping system with two brushes that can spin at up to 180rpm for massive scrubbing potential, and they're cleverly designed with a triangular shape to maximise the pressure they can exert, which tops out at 10N, ensuring that they shouldn't leave any grime behind as they clean throughout your home. Swapping between mopping and vacuum modes is trivially easy, too, thanks to clever magnetised units that you can just pop out and replace.

Seamless design

That ease of swapping between modes exemplifies how cleverly Narwal has designed the T10 from the ground up, with a modern look and feel that's backed up by ease of use. Its nice, smooth edges make it easy for your eye to glide over and past the vacuum itself, while the clean design of the docking station means that it can easily blend into your home.

Similarly, the vacuum can operate nice and quietly to ensure that you barely even notice when it's doing its rounds, and it's also not the biggest unit in and of itself, again making it all the more inconspicuous, which is just what you want from a cleaner like this.

Easy controls

It's not just the design that makes the Narwal T10 easy to use, though - it also has a great app that's clearly laid out and has loads of useful settings, including the ability to really easily map out your home for your vacuum, set no-go zones and ask it to begin cleaning certain areas or the whole map.

You can schedule in regular cleans, automatically receive updates for the T10's software and adjust both mopping and vacuuming settings for particular areas, making it so simple to get things working exactly as you like.

If you think the Narwal T10 could be a great option for your home, you can check it out in full detail on Narwal's store right now.

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