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Wednesday 23 February 2022

How to build a mini-ITX gaming PC

We can probably all agree that desktop gaming PCs represent the pinnacle of gaming performance. However, not everyone wants, or has the space for, a hulking great machine on their desk.

That's where mini-ITX comes in, allowing for top-notch performance in a form factor that's much easier to live with. You get all the same benefits as a full-size gaming rig, including the ability to upgrade easily in the future, all in a case that's close to the size of an Xbox.

Typically, full-size builds are a little easier to put together, simply because there's more room for all of your components and for that reason, the mini-ITX realm is often reserved for more experienced builders and enthusiasts.

For first-time builders, you might have an easier time with our how to build a mid-range gaming PC or extreme gaming PC guides. That said, we can't imagine most people would have too much trouble with the build that we're outlining today and if you're up to the challenge, read on.

• Budgeting your gaming PC • Preparing the case
• What components do you need? • Installing and connecting the motherboard
• How to build your gaming PC • Installing the CPU cooler
• Installing the CPU • Installing the graphics card
• Installing the RAM • Putting it back together and testing it out
• Installing the NVMe SSD • Installing Windows

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