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Tuesday 22 February 2022

Wahoo adds power to its Speedplay system with the Powrlink Zero

Wahoo has announced the availability of the Powrlink Zero pedals, adding a power meter to the Speedplay pedal system.

When Wahoo announced it was relaunching the Speedplay platform in 2021, the company promised that there would be power pedals in the future and here we have them.

The Powrlink Zero are based on the Speedlink Zero pedal, allowing convenient dual-sided entry so you don't have to kick your pedal around with your toe before clipping in.

There will be left only or both side measurement (with a hefty price difference); the Powrlink Zero weighs 250g (left side only) or 276g for dual-sided measurement.

Rechargeable batteries claim to provide up to 75 hours of ride time, monitoring your power output, while Bluetooth and ANT+ support means they can be used with a range of devices, such as the Wahoo Elemnt Bolt or other third-party bike computers.

The pedals remain compatible with existing Speedplay Zero cleats. There's float adjustment between 0-15 degrees, while Wahoo says that they aim to deliver +/-1 per cent accuracy, as per the company's turbo trainers.

"Wahoo has always been at the forefront of providing athletes with accurate, reliable power data with our Kickr series of indoor smart trainers," said Powerlink Zero product manager Katie DuPree.

"Now we've leveraged that expertise to create a pedal-based power meter that lets athletes get the same robust performance data when they ride or race outdoors, with the added benefit of dual-sided entry and great aerodynamics."

The Powrlink Zero (left-side only measurement) will cost £549.99 / $649.99 / €649.99, the dual-sided measurement will be £849.99 / $999.99 / €999.99. That price brings them in under Garmin's Rally pedals, slightly more than Favero's Assioma.

Source : https://www.pocket-lint.com/fitness-trackers/news/wahoo/160122-wahoo-adds-power-to-its-speedplay-system-with-the-powrlink-zero

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