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Wednesday 23 February 2022

The iPhone 14 might have better battery life thanks to new 5G chip

The iPhone 14 might get a welcome boost in the battery life department, it's been reported, due to a new 5G chipset that it might well employ, freeing up tiny amounts of space for an increased battery capacity.

While the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro already boast impressive battery life, and the direction of travel on Apple's phones is promising in this regard, it's interesting to get a glimpse of just how it might eke out more efficiency from its flagship phones.

Reports in Taiwan claim that Apple is going to source its 5G chips from TSMC, rather than Samsung as it has in recent years, and that the new chips will use the 6NM process to shave off some real estate and get better efficiency.

As anyone who uses 5G often will know, it can drain your battery pretty quickly, so both of those improvements are welcome. While the difference in size will be down to millimetres at most, any space for an even slightly bigger battery could be worth its weight in gold.

Of course, Apple will doubtless be working on increasing the efficiency of its own technology, from the chipset that will power the iPhone 14 to the software that it runs, and this will also have a major impact on battery performance in the final reckoning.

We'll have to wait quite a while to get an official line on any of this from Apple, but it's a positive sign, at least.

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