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Monday 28 February 2022

Pixar movies in order: The full Pixar Theory explained

Pixar has mastered computer animation and, possibly, hidden storytelling. 

Nearly 25 years ago, the studio released its first film, Toy Story, and, since then, it's become a movie-making powerhouse that appears to be discretely weaving a grand narrative between all its films. All these brilliant "kid" movies, which appear to be unconnected, may actually be part of the same universe. There's even a theory for this, called The Pixar Theory, popularised by Jon Negroni.

It's not as official as, say, the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In the MCU, everything is clearly connected and leads up to Endgame. The PCU, or Pixar Cinematic Universe, is way more subtle, with little clues scattered across two dozen films and set against this wild story of an alternate Earth history. It begins with The Good Dinosaur, when an asteroid narrowly misses Earth and dinosaurs survive.

From then on, Earth becomes controlled by dinosaurs, then humans, followed by machines, and finally, intelligent animals - all over the course of millions of years in the PCU. Each Pixar film adds to this timeline. If you'd like to experience it yourself, we've outlined the correct order to watch all the Pixar films and why. We also included an at-a-glance list version at the bottom that's free of spoilers.

Pixar movies: Best viewing order
The Pixar Theory (guide with spoilers) The Pixar Theory (spoiler-free list)

What order should you watch the Pixar movies and why?

The PCU is a tangled mess of stories, puzzles, and hints that traverse time, from the dinosaur age to the year 5000 on Earth. There are so many existing theories that try to make several connections and squeeze every film into one universe. But The Pixar Theory is the most popular version, and it's the one we've chosen to feature, though you may notice some differences, which we explain.




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