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Wednesday 23 February 2022

OnePlus phone code-named 'Oscar' to launch in Q2, could it be regular OnePlus 10?

OnePlus has already revealed its next premium flagship for 2022; the OnePlus 10 Pro was officially launched in China at the beginning of the year. 

While we're still waiting for it to be released in markets outside its home country, there is another puzzle to be solved: where's this year's regular, non-Pro model? 

The manufacturer hasn't so much as hinted at the existence of a OnePlus 10, but there's a possibility that all will become clear in the near future. 

A recent rumour suggests that OnePlus is preparing to launch a phone code-named 'Oscar' at some point in late Spring. 

The information comes through a frequent tipster Yogesh Brar, who told 91Mobiles that this device will be in the numbered series of phones. That means, it's in the OnePlus 10 series somewhere. 

Since the 10 Pro is already official, it stands to reason that it could be the non-Pro OnePlus 10.  

As things stand, that's all the information that's being shared at the moment: that a new phone is on its way, it's code-named 'Oscar', and it might be the OnePlus 10. 

If it is, we can expect some - but not all - of the specs to match those of the OnePlus 10 Pro.

In previous years, the regular, non-Pro model has featured the same processing power and battery as the Pro, but with a full HD+ resolution display, rather than Quad HD+, and a slightly different camera makeup. It's also crucially a little cheaper too. 

If the rumour is accurate and the information is valid, we can expect to see more evidence of the OnePlus 10's existence over the coming weeks and months. 

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