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Thursday 24 February 2022

MG teases a new electric car, likely to be called the MG4

MG has slowly been putting electric cars on the road, starting off with the MG ZS EV - which recently had a facelift - and the MG5 EV, which is one of the only electric estates on the road.

Under its new guise from parent company SAIC Motor in China, MG revives a British brand with a strong motoring heritage, but is currently best known for delivering value for money.

MG has teased a new model, due to be unveiled in Q4 in the UK and said to be designed "with UK consumers in mind". These statements can often be a little woolly, sometimes meaning that the suspension has been tweaked or that it's targeted at the most popular car segment in that market.

A brand new 100% electric vehicle from MG has its UK premiere set in Q4 this year. The vehicle measures 4.300 mm in length and is developed with the UK consumer in mind. Take a sneak peek at this beauty and stay tuned..

â€" MG Motor UK (@MGmotor) February 23, 2022

Few details are given away, except that it's 4,300mm in length - which is just a little shorter than the existing MG ZS EV - but it's thought that this model will be known as the MG4 EV.

How do we know that? Because the words "MG4 tease" are in the URL provided on the Twitter tease.

The tease shows what looks like a hatchback, but flaunts what could be some more engaging design. If there has been any criticism of the current MG models, it is that the design is a little lacking in flair - perhaps the MG4 is going to change this.

The rear light bar picks up on a design trend spreading across contemporary models, while the panoramic glass roof looks like it's going to be able to attract customers with its premium touch.

As for the specifics of the propulsion, it's expected to have a similar configuration to the existing MG ZS, which offers either a 51kWh or 73kWh battery, paired with a 156hp motor driving the front wheels.

More will be revealed later in the year, but here's hoping it will present an affordable option for interested EV buyers.

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