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Wednesday 23 February 2022

Intel's 12th Gen CPUs could make your next laptop up to 70 per cent faster

Intel's latest and greatest laptop CPUs are on the way, and they look mighty impressive.

Intel is introducing a new segment for the 12th Gen, called the P-series.

These new processors aim to provide enthusiast-level performance for thin and light laptops, surpassing the previous top dog, the U-series.

The P-series chips will have a higher 28W TDP for powerful ultrabooks, while the 12th Gen U-series chips will be for 15W and 9W designs.

The range will feature up to 14 cores, made up of six performance cores and eight efficiency cores, all handled by Intel ThreadDirector.

But what does that mean in terms of performance? Well, Intel reckons its upcoming i7 1280P is up to 70 per cent faster than the last generation's i7 1195G7 for multi-threaded workloads at 28W.

Further comparing the two chips, Intel touts a 50 per cent reduction in render time in the infamous Blender Car Demo benchmark. It also showed 30 per cent higher scores in photo editing tasks and 20 per cent in overall system performance using the CrossMark benchmark.

If ultrabook gaming is your kind of thing, then you may be disappointed to hear that the Iris Xe graphics remain unchanged from the 11th Gen, though Intel assures us that driver improvements over the last year have increased performance.

Intel was also excited to tell us about its new Evo verified designs for the 12th Gen. There have been numerous changes to the spec requirements, all with the goal of making the best thin and light laptops possible.

The key experiences Intel's new Evo platform machines will offer are better video conferencing, improved responsiveness, 9+ hour real-world battery life, instant wake and fast charging.

Over eight of the laptops coming to market in 2022 will feature Intel's Visual Sensing Controller. This essentially means the laptop will be aware of your presence and can wake on approach or lock itself as you walk away. This will both increase battery life and aid in security.

For life on the go, over 15 models this year will come with 5G connectivity onboard.

There was mention of improved charger interoperability thanks to USB-C PD as well as much needed improvements to the Windows Bluetooth experience.

Intel hopes its Bluetooth improvements will remove the need for USB dongles and promises much easier switching between mobile phone and PC connections.

Finally, there was talk of the new foldable display devices that we saw from the likes of Asus at CES. We should expect to see two or three Intel Evo certified foldables this year, exciting times indeed.

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