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Tuesday 22 February 2022

Wahoo rethinks the classic roller with the Kickr Rollr

Wahoo has announced the Kickr Rollr, a smart and connected indoor trainer based on a roller design rather than a turbo trainer.

Rollers were the de facto choice for indoor trainers for many years, before fixed turbo trainers grew in popularity.

The appeal of rollers is you're actually riding your bike, meaning that there's a more natural feels, you have to maintain your balance and you get those micro movements that you can lose on a turbo.

Not to mention the fact that you don't have to clamp or remove your rear wheel, so rollers are an easy option for those who don't have a turbo bike, or take one look at the sky and decide not to leave the house for that winter ride and just jump on the roller instead.

The Kickr Rollr isn't just a connected roller, however, as it has a clamp for the front wheel. While traditional rollers have a front roller to keep the front wheel moving and allowing some side to side movement across the roller barrels.

Instead, the Kickr Rollr clamps the front wheel and this is adjustable, meaning it can accommodate a range of wheel sizes and diameters and will make using the trainer easier than a traditional roller.

Meanwhile, the rear of the Kickr Roller has the connected elements you'd associate with a turbo trainer, able to connect to ANT+ power meters to provide power measurement and trainer control.

You'll be able to control the resistance of the Kickr Rollr with a Wahoo Elemnt bike computer, so you can, for example, re-ride an outdoor route you've done previously.

As there's no included power meter in the trainer itself - as you'll find with many of the Kickr models - Wahoo will also be selling the Rollr in a bundle with the new Powrlink Zero pedals.

The Kickr Rollr will cost £699.99 / $799.99 / €799.99 and it is available now.

Source : https://www.pocket-lint.com/fitness-trackers/news/wahoo/160126-wahoo-rethinks-the-classic-roller-with-the-kickr-rollr

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