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Monday, 21 February 2022

How to see what games will work with your Steam Deck

If you're getting a Steam Deck and want to see which games will work with the handheld then there are several ways to check. 

It has already been revealed that there will be at least 100 games that will be playable (60 of which are fully verified). But if you already have a decent Steam library then you might be keen on finding out which of your games you'll be able to play. 

There are currently a few different ways to check. Sadly at this point, you can't simply just look at a game in your Steam library and see if it has the verified or compatibility markings. These don't even show up in the Steam store at the moment. 

There are some manual options though. You can, for example, use the Steam Deck Verified tool created by Avery to manually cross-check games in your Steam library with those that have been checked and included in the Steam database.  This system doesn't seem perfect at this point and obviously, if you have hundreds of games in your library it'll be a pain to check them all. 

How to check your entire Steam library

Luckily there is one way to check your Steam library automatically and that's using the CheckMyDeck tool. This is a site that's not officially associated with Valve but is able to use publicly accessible information to compare your library to the currently verified list. 

It does, however, require a few essential steps to get started, but nothing too taxing. 

In order to use this tool, follow these steps first:

  1. Open up the Steam app and navigate to your profile
  2. Click "edit profile" on the top right
  3. Find the field marked custom URL
  4. If there's something there delete it 
  5. This will then reveal your Steam ID in the URL format just below that:

Don't click save that this point, just copy that code and click away from here and you'll still keep your custom URL. Alternatively, you can use your Steam ID (the custom URL) to find out what your Steam64 ID number is by using the Steam ID finder tool. 

The next step is simply to visit the CheckMyDeck tool and use your Steam64 ID number to check your library. If it doesn't work immediately then it may be because your Steam profile is set to private. If that's the case then just return to Steam > Your Profile > Edit > Privacy settings and change game details to "Public". 

The CheckMyDeck tool will then be able to display your Steam library and let you know the titles are Verified, Playable, Unsupported or Unknown. 

Don't panic

We ran our library of 860 games through the tool and discovered that only around 7 per cent are said to be "playable" at this moment. While a large proportion are naturally listed as "unknown". Most users will probably find the same thing as Valve is in the process of verifying the games in the Steam catalogue and there's a lot to go through. 

Keep checking back in future and you'll no doubt find that list grow. 

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